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A Winter Paralympic gold medallist skier feels the power of stunning sports photography

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Everyone should be able to feel the power of great photography – beyond just seeing. Here, visually impaired skier and six-time Paralympic Games medal winner, Menna Fitzpatrick, experiences Canon ambassador Samo Vidic's stunning photograph in a whole new way.
Samo Vidic and Menna Fitzpatrick looking downwards at the relief print
Watch episode two of World Unseen with sports photographer Samo and visually impaired skier Menna

In the film, Samo shows Menna his powerful black-and-white photograph of Slovenian Paralympian swimmer Darko Đurić.

Not only is Samo on hand to explain his image, but Canon PRISMAelevate XL software and Arizona printer series further enhance Menna's experience. She's able to touch the image and feel how Darko is powering through the water, while hearing his incredible story.

On one plinth, Samo's image description is printed in braille, detailing the composition, the stark contrast between light and shade, Darko's movements through the water, and his incredible story.

On another, the photograph is printed in relief, making it a fully tactile experience. Menna can touch it and feel the differences in texture – the bubbles around Darko’s head and face, and the sheen of the black goggles covering his eyes.

Samo Vidic photograph of swimmer, Darko Đurić

Get lost in Samo's iconic image by listening to his audio description

Menna Fitzpatrick in conversation

Menna Fitzpatrick

At the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympic Games, visually impaired alpine skier Menna Fitzpatrick became Britain’s most successful Winter Paralympian, winning slalom gold, super combined silver, giant slalom silver and super-G bronze at her debut Games.

Samo Vidic

Born and raised in Bled, Slovenia, sports photographer Samo Vidic is driven by a desire to achieve and create images that often defy the odds. Teaching himself the basics at 17, he now shoots live sporting events for clients such as Limex Images, Red Bull and Getty Images.

Samo Vidic in conversation

To make the experience possible, we printed Samo Vidic's incredible photograph using Canon PRISMAelevate XL software and Arizona printer series.

Close up shot of hands feeling the relief print

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