Mira och Tilda

WE ARE 365

Instagrammers, Sweden

Please share a bit about your background as photographer.

We have been playing around with photography since Thilda was 16 years old and Mira was 19 years old, so that’s 7 years now. It all started in the woods where we grew up, Thilda would pose next to a tree with Mira taking photos and vice versa. So I guess you could say it started naturally in the nature.

What type of photographer are you?

That’s a tricky question, guess it depends on who you ask or if the work is commissioned or not. We have a weak spot for dreamy almost fairytale like landscapes that gives you a feeling of adventure. Our sisterhood is also one of our trademarks.

What are your favorite motives?

Nature. There is nothing that inspires us as much as nature since we grew up with tree hugging hippie parents. We love to go on adventures and road trips with our little hippie van to the Swedish mountains for example and shoot. Norway, Gotland and Iceland are also some of our favorite places right now.

Which products do you use today?

We have a family of 4 cameras, one small pocket camera (G5x, which is a m a z i n g), that we almost always have in the bag with us. Furthermore we have one really old Polaroid and one old analog Canon A-1 camera, but our star child is Canon EOS 5D Mark III together with a Canon 24-70 mm lens that we are using for the most of our shoots because of its flexibility.

Can you tell us about a photo moment which you will never forget.

Oh, we have so many. Our cameras have been taking us on so many adventures, but one we will never forget was when we were hiking to a little cabin in Norway. We got lost and actually almost died because of our misjudgement. We had miscalculated how far we had to go and got caught up in bad weather. The trail got impossible to follow because of heavy snowing so a small hike of 3 hours turned into a nightmare struggling of 12 hours, partly in complete darkness. But we finally found our way to the cabin and woke up the next day with the most amazing view ever. We did not leave the camera for a minute that day.

Can you give an advice to someone who wants to develop in photography.

1. Don’t search for the inspiration digitally, just go out and explore.

2. The more hours you put into your photography the better you get.

3. One thing that has kept us going is that we always have had each other, to have a buddy with the same interest is very rewarding.

4. Do not compromise your aesthetic to much because of what others think is “good”, stay true to your style.