With the integrated high capacity stacker, maximum productivity is possible.

  • Reliable unattended printing for long runs produces perfectly stacked documents every time.
  • A total of 6,000 sheets can be stacked in two 3,000 sheet piles, making this ideal for production printing where high volume stacking is required.
  • When used with the VarioPrint 6250, three stackers can be connected, offering a stacking capacity of 18,000 sheets.


  • The iHCS is able to process all sizes of paper that the printer can handle.
  • The stacks produced are of exceptionally high quality.
  • Either straight stacking or offset stacking can be programmed. Stacking of sets with tabs is also possible.


Kig nærmere på iHCS

A stacker with versatility

The iHCS automatically adjusts to all media types and sizes. The printer is still accessible when the stacker is in operation and so unloading paper from the stacker is possible without interrupting printing. By using the bypass another finisher such as the booklet maker, can be connected behind the stacker. Alternatively, a stacker/stapler for larger paper formats can be added.

Simple and complete stacking system

The High Capacity Stacker is an integral part of the printer. Operating and managing the stacker is straightforward using the printer operator panel. Stacking can be selected either on the panel or via the print driver on a PC. A bypass enables an additional finisher to be connected.


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